Mission Statement

Our Purpose is to partner with local communities to build lasting homes for their residents.  In order to accomplish our purpose, our Mission is to:

  • Produce projects that earn the support of the local governments in the communities we enter
  • Secure secondary means of financing so that projects are well capitalized
  • Serve a wide mix of household incomes to improve market acceptance 
  • Deliver high-quality, lasting housing that will serve the market for many years to come
  • Positively impact the communities and residents we serve
  • Complete projects on time and on budget


Our Vision is to be:

  1. The premier developer of mixed-income rental communities in the Southeastern United States
  2. A sought after developer by market and industry participants
  3. Technologically and procedurally advanced, thus producing the highest quality housing and highest returns in the industry


Our approach is based upon the following Principles and Values:

  1. We will at all times conduct ourselves in an honest, fair, and competent way.
  2. Service and Execution – The people we serve are the reason we exist. We are in the service business; meeting our
    commitments and projections are critical to our long-term success.
  3. Respect – Our employees, investors, partners, and tenants  are the means by which we will accomplish our
    objectives. Establishing an environment for all to thrive and prosper will ensure our long-term success.
  4. Ingenuity and Innovation – our business systems and technology are how we will stay competitive.  We must continually seek
    out ways to improve on how we acquire and use knowledge.